How to Increase Your Credit Score Online | Ways to Improve My Credit Score for Free Today




There are different ways to improve your credit score, but it usually takes months at least to repair and build your credit if you do it efficiently and effectively. However, there are ways to improve your credit score TODAY:

1. Request credit line increases on all your cards as long as they don't do a hard inquiry.

  • Call the creditor on the phone and ask if they pull hard or soft inquiry for requesting a credit line increase. If they pull soft, apply for credit line increase because it wont affect your credit. Don't do it if it's a hard inquiry.
  • If they increase it, ask them if they can also lower your interest rate :)
The reason having a higher credit limit on each card helps your credit score is because it lowers your debt to income ratio (not available credit, but debt you've borrowed from already), it lowers your credit utilization, and increases available credit!

2. Pay down as much debt before the statement date as possible! This is different from the due date. The statement date is the date that the card send it's information to the credit bureaus.


3. Remove unauthorized inquiries not tied to open accounts by downloading our $1 inquiry removal eBook here.

  • Having minimal inquiries on your credit report will help you achieve a higher credit score. Having between 0 and 3 inquiries is about ideal at this point in time with how creditors view applicants.
Once you do these things, let us know your results at



The above info are some of the fastest strategies to increase you credit score in a day or few days. Almost all other strategies to increasing your credit score have to do with building your credit correctly and also fixing your credit. The Credit Gold Course is the ultimate online credit repair guide. It teaches time efficient ways to repair your credit fast instead of paying thousands of dollars to a credit repair company just to ruin your credit later for not understanding why it got messed up in the first place. It also offers free lifetime updates that are useful to check up on because information pertaining to credit changes all the time!


Our motto is that if you're going to do something, do it right. When your credit score increases, don't go apply for the first shiny credit card you want! We recommend building your credit out to the specific funding that you want in order to maximize your efforts in the shortest amount of time possible! That's further discussed the The Credit Gold Course also.

For example, say this increases your score enough to get approved for one card you want, but not to get multiple cards. This is a super general explanation, but the more credit you apply for, the less likely you are to get it unless you have a plan of action to get the funding you deserve from all your hard work and research.



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